Changing Course

February 20, 2019

With version 7 of the app we are changing to a subscription based model. This post details the rationale that led towards this choice, and what it means to you as a user.

The original business model, based off one-time purchases, was great to get the project kickstarted. As a user, you were able to try out a new and unproven product, without any strings attached. However, this model inherently has a number of characteristics that would eventually negatively impact both us in our ability to continously improve and grow the product, and you as a loyal user waiting to see your feature requests realized.

As development and operational costs never stop, a one-time purchase based model inherently puts the focus on continously catering for new users, as once a user is onboarded that user is no longer contributing to covering the costs. Given the positive feedback from both existing and new users we think we managed to balance this issue properly, but, it does remain an area of tension. With more and more users using the product on a daily basis, we would like to shift the focus towards making the product even more useful and complete to you, the loyal user, without having to put a price tag on each and every new subfeature.

With the new subscription based model, you are no longer required to purchase each and every indicator separately. Functionality is divided across three straight forward plans, ranging from beginning traders to experienced traders. A free trial period of 3 days is included in every plan.

Existing users who made one-time purchases are not required to take any action. We are thankful that you helped grow the app to the point we are at. Therefore, your existing purchases will remain operational indefinitely, even without opting in to a subscription.

In conclusion, we would like to take Drakdoo so much further. We hope for your support in getting us there!