Buy Volume

Buy volume is the part of the volume where the buyer is the taker and the seller the maker. In trading cryptocurrencies, tracking buy volume is a popular method to catch so called "pumps" at the very beginning.

In scripting, Drakdoo offers the following values:

  • Buy Volume.
  • Buy Volume as a percentage of the total volume (0-100).
  • A Simple Moving Average of one of the above values.

Important Note: Buy Volume may not be available at all times. In order to reliably provide buy volume we need to process individual trades on the order book level, and, be able to obtain candlestick data that includes the buy volume separately. While most exchanges allow access to order book level trades, very few exchanges offer the required data on candlestick level. Drakdoo actually combines both sources to establish a reliable data feed.

Due to the technical reasons mentioned above:

  • Buy volume is not available on Forex.
  • Binance offers all the data we need, hence buy volume is fully supported here.
  • For all the other exchanges, buy volume can be used on the shorter time frames, but we do not recommend to use it for 12H and higher.