Price Delta

The price delta operates in two comparison modes: price relative, and, relative to a moving average of the preceding candles. The former mode is independent of any candlestick period. Let us explain this by example.

Suppose you are interested in being notified of changes of $100. When the price changes like this: $6000 ▶ $6100 ▶ $6150 ▶ $6050 ▶ $6150, you'll find that there are multiple $100 deltas in there: $6000 to $6100, $6150 down to $6050, and $6050 up to $6150. This is what it reports on in price relative mode, regardless of when these price movements take place. So, even if all this movement happens within one candle, you will get these notifications.

When you configure it to be relative to the preceding candle(s), things work differently. If you set it to $100, comparing to 1 preceding candle, then it simply compares the current price to the close price of the last candle. So, if the previous candle closed at $6000, and the current candle exceeds $6100, you'll get a notification. Now, suppose the current candle did not reach $6100, it only reached reached $6080, and the next candle did reach $6100. In that case you would not be getting any alert. The reason is that $6080 is matched against the previous candle ($6000), and $6100 is matched against $6080. If you take N preceding candles it takes the average of the close price of these candles and comparespp against that.